Dividend Growth Bunny: 2019

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

8 Traits of People Who Are Millionaires

Many people work hard in their career hoping they can someday become a millionaire. I think most people in the world would answer “yes” if they were asked whether they want to become a millionaire. There are studies that show that there are 10 million “millionaires” just in the United States alone. So how did millionaires become wealthy in the first place? Did they inherit the money from their wealthy parents or maybe win the lottery? You would be surprise when I answer this question. The truth is that 62% of billionaires in the United States are actually self-made, meaning that they got to where they are by themselves. I was curious about millionaires that became wealthy and went to do a deeper analysis by reading the book The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley. I read the book and learned that 80 to 86% of millionaires in the United States become one by creating their own wealth. I was surprised with these facts about millionaires. I always thought that people who are wealthy made it is because of financial support from their parents or got lucky in certain aspects of their life. So what made these millionaires or billionaires different from us? Why are they able to achieve this magnificent wealth by themselves? The truth is that the traits of millionaires do have can be adapted by anyone who chooses to adapt them. I am willing to share my knowledge and research about the traits of millionaires in this article.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

12 Steps to Purchase Your First Rental Property Investment

For generations, real estate investment has been used by many investors who seeks passive income stream. Not only it provides excellent passive income coming in your pocket but it can also increase your overall asset value and earn higher rental income futures ahead. Real estate has produced many people to become wealthy. No wonder, my brother and my dad had become a real estate investor themselves. They are able to benefit from the passive income as well as capital appreciation from the properties they own. It’s almost everyone’s dream to be able to own a rental property. I myself want to own rental properties since there are many benefits of owning them. I’m blessed that my dad let me collect the rental income from one of the property he owns. It allows me to receive passive income that I use to purchase more dividend growth stocks. My dad was also blessed since the property he let me manage actually increases in value which of course made him wealthier. Anyways, the question to becoming a real estate investor is how to actually become one. Buying an investment property is a big deal. It’s not like buying a few shares of stocks in the stock market that only require a small amount starting capital. Moreover, many people don’t have the starting capital to purchase one since it requires you to have a huge sum of money. The reason why I’m not a property investor yet (own by myself) is also because I don’t have the knowledge and the capital to invest in one. But this doesn’t stop me to learn more about it. Because of my curiosity and ambition of owning one myself, I decided to study this topic on the internet. After hours of research on how to purchase your first rental property, I would like to share the knowledge and tips in this article.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Meaning and Benefit of Having Economic Moat

The term Economic Moat is a term that is used by many value investors in the investing world. The bigger the moat means the safer for the investors to invest their money in the company. It was a term that is popularized by a successful investor Warren Buffett. Economic Moat refers when a company or business that has the ability to maintain its competitive advantages over its competitors in order to protect market share and its future earnings. It’s like a castle in the olden time that have a moat around it, the moat functions is to protect those inside the fortress and their enemies from coming in. Having a stronger moat such as having water surrounding the castle makes it difficult for enemies to attack. This is similar in the investing world. It’s great to buy stocks which companies have a strong economic moat. These companies are able to sustain their business and to stay one step ahead of their competitors. One of Warren Buffett’s secret of success in his investing career is to invest in companies that have strong economic moat. Warren investing in companies with great economic moat allowed him to hold companies for a long period of time. He likes to invest in companies that have a long business prospect so that he’s able to keep holding them in his portfolio without the need to sell the companies often. In this article, I will discuss further about economic moat and why it’s important in the investing world. I will then also explain about how to spot whether a company has an economic moat and why I prefer investing in companies with moats around in my dividend growth portfolio.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

How to Know Whether a Stock is a Value Trap & How to Avoid Them

Value Investing is an investing strategy and method that was taught and inspired by Benjamin Graham. Benjamin Graham is the author of “The Intelligent Investor” and considered as the father of value investing. The basic concept of value investing is pretty straight forward and pretty simple to be comprehended. The stock market is a place where many listed companies are available to be purchased or sold. Companies’ stock prices changes every day and it’s very liquid meaning that you are able to sell or buy the stock at any given time (during opening market). The strategy of value investing is to invest in stocks where the companies’ fundamental are trading in the stock market less than their intrinsic value. It’s similar like buying a Television set on sale, and knowing the price of the TV is supposedly worth more than its usual price. You’ll probably wait before purchasing because you know that there will always be times when the item is on sales. When the time comes, you’ll buy that certain merchandise at a discount getting a great value for your money. Many great value investors have made fortune in investing using this technique. Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, David Dodd, Charlie Munger, Joel Greenblatt, David Einhorn and many more are some examples of successful value investors. I myself have been using this strategy in investing in the stock market and made pretty good return since I initiated this blog. Looking at companies’ financial metrics gives me the advantage of purchasing a stock that is on discount. However, there is a challenge when investing using this value investment strategy. It’s not as simple as you would think to be and this is where the term value trap comes in. Value trap is a stock that appears to be cheap having low valuation financial metrics such as multiple of earnings, cash flow or book value for an extended time period. Such stocks of course attract many value investors such as myself thinking that the stock is trading at a bargain price. The trap happened when investors purchase the stock at a low price thinking they are getting a bargain but the stock continues to weaken and drop further. Its price appears to be a bargain but in fact the stock is not selling below its intrinsic value. This of course results for the investors that purchase that particular stock to lose money on their investment. I myself experienced value trap when investing in the stock market. It result me losing approximately $40,000 on that stock (Ticker: GME). After going through this horrible mistake, it made me become more experience in investing in the stock market and be more cautious when investing. So how do we spot a stock that is a potential value trap? In this article, I will explain my experience and knowledge to know whether a stock is value trap.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Why Reinvesting Dividends is a Smart Investing Strategy

Becoming a Dividend Growth Investor is not a quick way to get rich. It requires you to have a strict discipline to hold those dividends paying stocks for a long term period. The longer the investment horizon you have, the better the result your portfolio will have in the future. Historically, the total return of the S&P 500 has delivered just over 9% per year. Half of the total return comes from price appreciation while the other half comes from dividends. This proves that dividends are driving force to S&P 500 total return performance. Readers that have been following my blog know the benefit of owning dividend stocks. As a Dividend Growth Investor, you will receive dividend payment that will be paid every quarter for the stocks you own. Whether you are looking for a source of income for now or building your portfolio for the future, owning dividends stocks can be beneficial towards your long term investing. With dividends coming in, you will have the choice to either use the dividends received for your expenses; put a down payment on your property, or you can just store the extra cash in your brokerage account. However, one crucial part of becoming a successful dividend growth investor is to use the dividends received from your portfolio to be reinvested in stocks that pay dividends. This might seem to have very little impact to your portfolio of having the dividends reinvested in the beginning, but over a long period of time, the power of compound interest can multiply your dividend growth portfolio at an exponential growth. Dividend reinvestment is one of the simplest ways to grow your portfolio. When you reinvest your dividends, you get a massive advantage compared to not reinvesting your dividends. Since my goal to financial freedom is still far ahead, I am currently not using the dividends I receive from my portfolio for my daily expenses. In fact, I personally am reinvesting the dividends I receive from my portfolio in order to have better financial result. When my dividend growth portfolio produces significant amount of passive income (dividends) in the future, then I will start using the dividend earnings for my early retirement. In this article, I will explain why reinvesting your dividends is a smart investing strategy for your portfolio.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Definition of Circle of Competence in the Investing World

Circle of Competence is a term used by many value investors. Warren Buffet, a successful investor wrote in his 1996 letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that you don’t have to be an expert on every company, or even many. You are only required to understand few companies that are within your circle of competence. Just investing in companies you understand and feel comfortable with can create great wealth for you in the stock market or any other investment. What I mean by that, it’s better to invest in companies that you have understanding in rather than gambling your way to invest in companies that you don’t understand. This does not only apply in investing in stocks but also other investment such as real estate, and other assets. If you don’t understand how the businesses operate in a company or the investment, it’s better to stay away from it since you might actually lose money when investing in them. Understanding your circle of competence in investing helps you avoid making investing mistakes, it helps identify opportunities that you have understanding and confidence in.  So before you start investing in a stock, it is the best you really understand the companies you are going to invest in. In this article, I’m going to explain what circle of competence mean and how you can apply this term to be a better value investor.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

How to Have Alternative Incomes

If you want to be wealthy, you can’t just depend on your job. Your primary job only give a fixed income every month for the hours you put into. Sometimes your primary job income barely covers your living cost, which result you not to have spare cash to be saved or invested. This becomes a problem if you want to achieve financial freedom and early retirement. You can live frugally, however it’s still going to be difficult to get out of the rat race if you only rely on your job since it is the only source of your income. Moreover, if you get unlucky and get fired by your boss, you will not get any more income. This then can be a problem for you. You will not be able to pay for your living expenses such as your bills, taxes, or even the debt you inquire. You might have to downgrade your living life style by selling things or property you own such as car, house, or things that may have some resale value. Many of you and I don’t want to be in that situation. It’s terrifying and horrific when you have to end up in that situation. Since we do not want to be in that situation, I did many researches in order for me to have alternative incomes coming in. I have learned that wealthy people don’t rely on just one income; they have multiple source of income. Having multiple sources of income enable you to have different sources of income filling your pocket. Alternative income can come in a form of rental money from properties, interest and dividends, part-time job, side hustles and businesses. To have alternative income enable you to pay your living expenses or extra money to invest. As part of my journey to early retirement and financial freedom, I learned that I can’t just depend on my main job. I worked for my dad who owns a manufacturing company; however I have been getting the same monthly income since I started working for him in the year of 2013. In addition, the salary I received is in Rupiah (Indonesian Currency) and it is considered low compare to people who work in America. Even by having me to live a frugal life is not enough if I want to retire early and live comfortably. Furthermore, I won’t have income coming in if I decided to quit the main job. This is the reason why having alternative income streams is crucial in order for me to have early retirement and financial freedom. With alternative income coming in my pocket, I would be able to pay my bills, to be reinvested again and again until I have enough assets that can sustain my living life style. So what are ways for us to have multiple streams of incomes?

Friday, July 12, 2019

Why Most Lottery Winners Go Broke

Have you ever wish you can win millions of dollars from a lottery purchase. The chances of winning the lottery is so slim that it’s more likely you get strike by the lighting compared to winning lottery jackpot. It’s a no brainer that winning the Lottery is everyone’s’ dream. I myself wish I can win millions of dollars from purchasing a lottery ticket. Winning the mega million dollar lottery can be most ecstatic moment for anyone who chose the right numbers. Winners that have won millions of dollars have so much money that they don’t ever have to work in their life ever again. However if you actually study most lottery winners who had won the jackpot actually went broke in the end. There are studies that lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy within three to five years compared to the average American. An estimate of one third of lottery winners later had to go through bankruptcy. In addition, studies also found that instead of getting people out of financial trouble, winning the lottery instead got them into more trouble. How could it be possible if they have won so much money? In this article, I’ll explain why most lottery winners go broke in the end.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How Warren Buffett Become Wealthy and Successful

Many value investors out there probably know who Warren E. Buffett is. If you don’t know him yet, let me give a short summary about him. Warren Buffett is an American successful investor, business man as well as a benevolent philanthropist. He was born in August 30, 1930, and apparently he is still alive as this article is written in the year of 2019. He is considered as one of the most successful investor in the world that inspired many people. Many value investors try to understand how he invests and replicate his strategy. I as a dividend growth and value investor am inspired by his success and teachings. Even though I had never met him in real life; however I became really inspired by him for his investment ideology and respect him for his benevolent philanthropist act to the society. As this article written today (June 30, 2019), Warren E. Buffett has an estimated net worth of $87.5 billion USD making him the third richest person right before Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Having him to be one of the richest people in the world is not the reason why I idolized him so much. Warren Buffett is not the typical rich person that spent his money on materialistic things such as fancy cars, huge mansion, or lavish yachts. He lives just like the typical average American who purchases his breakfast at McDonald every day before going to work. In addition, he still lives at the same modest home he purchased back in 1958 for $31,500 or about $250,000 if adjusted with inflation. Like I said, he is not the typical rich people who want to have lavish things and life style but he is just a humble person that loves to build his business empire that will eventually go back to society. He pledged more than 99% of his wealth will go to philanthropy during his life or at death and he couldn’t be happier with that decision. I’m so amazed of his generosity since he has dedicated his life building his wealth without much inheritance from his parents. He didn’t come from a wealthy family but an average middle class family and through hard work and dedication; he has built the fortune he has today. I love building wealth and doing business just like Warren Buffett and believe that wealthy people who is in the 1% wealth list should donate at least 50% of their wealth before or after their death. My dad similar to Warren Buffet who started from nothing, and he is considered to be wealthy today; however I don’t see his wealth as my success. I believe in building my own score card and fortune just like my dad and Mr. Buffett; and I would not be upset if my parents decide to give away their wealth to charity later on. I mean after all I believe that their wealth is theirs and I don’t want them to feel obligated. However, if my dad let my brother and me to inherit his business legacy, I would still continue to expand his wealth. It would be better for me and my brother to grow the wealth since my dad has already built the tree for us which gives tremendous head start. However, towards the future if I become really wealthy, I might pledge to give away up to 50% of my wealth to charity after my death. Anyways let’s not get distracted about me being philanthropy; I’m still far from being in the 1% list!  Let’s go back to topic of Warren Buffett. After understanding his stories of his success and the amount of wealth he accumulated, you readers might wonder how on earth he does it. I myself was curious on how Warren Buffett did it. After doing many bibliography studies and research about him, I learned how Warren Buffett became successful and wealthy therefore I’m here to share his stories with you guys.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

5 Reasons to Become a Dividend Growth Investor

The America stock market has been one of the greatest long-term wealth generators in history. It has a record of compound annual growth rate of 9% since the late 1990s. Even after Great Depression of 1929 and other stock recessions and stock collapses, the U.S. stock market has always performed well for investor in the long run. Many people have different strategies towards their investment. Some like to speculate stock in short term period such as day trading, some prefer to let the experts do their job such as fund managers to manage their money in a form of mutual fund. However, an average person can learn how to invest safely. Dividend growth investing is a good strategy if you want invests on your own. Here are five reasons why you should become a Dividend Growth Investor.

5 Methods to Market Your Rental Property

Being a Real Estate Investor is similar to being a Dividend Growth Investor, but instead of investing in stocks for dividend, a real estate investor hopes to gain rental income (which can be considered as dividend) and also capital appreciation to the property. I know this blog focus in Dividend Stock, however since real estate is related to having asset that produce passive income which has a similarity to dividend stock, so I decide to write an article about this topic. Besides this blog focuses on anything that has wealth management and finance content related. So anyways, let me talk about being a Real Estate Investor. Being a real estate investor can be quite similar as well as different to dividend stock investor. Unlike dividend investor, a real estate investor has tougher time to liquidate his property during the economic downturn. It is tougher when your property is vacant, for there is no more income coming in. It can be a burden to upkeep expenses such as tax, property insurance and maintenance fee without the rental revenue coming in. But that doesn’t mean being a real estate investor is unacceptable. My dad is considered a real estate investor since he invests in lands and properties. He is skeptical with stock investing however the technique he uses to invest in properties is similar to a stock value investor which is acquiring properties that are undervalued. He has done really well when he invested and managed to acquire a portfolio of properties. Just like my dad, my brother is also a property investor. He has a few real estates that he rents out for passive income just like how I receive dividend from my dividend growth stock portfolio. However, being a real estate investor requires some techniques to have the properties always rented out. I learn a few techniques he uses to market his rental properties, and I’m here to share the methods to market your rental property.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

9 Ways to Get Out of Debt Faster

Debt is an amount of money borrowed by an individual from another party. Many people use debt as a method of making large purchases that they could not afford by paying interest on them. Many get into huge debts and getting out of it can be frustrating and confusing experience if you don’t have the right plan. Some people simply try to avoid these issues and ignore the problems they are already in. However, if these debt issues are not dealt with, it will only escalate the problem much further. This can lead destroying your financial dream. With debt, it will be impossible for you to be financially ahead to achieve early retirement. Before you want to build wealth through your investment, you’ll need to tackle those debts you acquire. So what are ways to get out debt faster?

Difference Between Investment and Speculation

There are many people who purchase stocks thinking they are making an investment and not knowing they are actually speculating. They buy certain stocks with just certain assumption that the stock will go up in price without doing a thorough analysis. And yes, some people actually do make capital gain from speculating and sometimes they made a lot of money. That is what we call speculating. The person who made tons of money from speculating on certain securities might just be lucky. However people need to know the difference because Investing and Speculating. Those two are totally different terms. Benjamin Graham who is Warren Buffett’s mentor believed in separating investing from speculation. I strongly agree with that ideology because not knowing the difference can cost you dearly. In this article, I want to talk about the difference between Investing and Speculating, and why I personally dislike speculating and prefer Investing instead.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

How to Make Money Using Dividend Growth Investing Strategy

Before I start explaining about “Dividend Growth Investing”, we need to understand the basic of dividends. A dividend is a distribution of income from a portion of company’s earning (net profit) and it’s paid to its shareholders. Dividends are decided and managed by the company’s board of directors, and they must be approved by the shareholders by voting rights. Dividend Growth Investing is a simple strategy of purchasing stocks that are paying dividends and have been growing their dividends from the past year. A Dividend Growth Investor also can benefit from the capital appreciation from the dividend paying stock. The goal is to look for dividend paying companies that have strong track record of paying dividends. In addition, the companies need to have strong financial fundamental as well as the quality of the company. The strategy to Dividend Growth Investing is to seek for companies that increase their dividend payment overtime. So how do you make money using dividend growth investing strategy?